Cricket Picket Fencing

Our White PVC Fencing products appear in Cricket Club Magazine

This month we have placed a 2 page advert in the Cricket Club Magazine 2019 Season Preview to highlight our White PVC fencing products which are suitable for on and around Cricket grounds.

We decided to advertise in the Cricket Club Magazine as a major part of what they do is provide grassroots cricket clubs with a chance to highlight the work they are carrying out with a focus on community involvement, youth development, sound financial planning and sporting success. The crucial role that these establishments play in the industry cannot be overstated and they regularly provide stories of astounding commitment, dedication and integrity. The magazine also provides the cricket world with a platform from which to share ideas, best practice and information with content provided by many leading figures within the industry including Chairman, CEO’s, Presidents and Managers of some of the top sporting establishments worldwide.

Watt Plastics PVC fencing can be seen around many Cricket grounds throughout the Country and is suitable for many purposes on and around the cricket ground. We have supplied to many clubs with varying budgets and our fencing has been installed for small areas such as around a cricket pavilion to fencing the whole boundary. To read our full advert go to on