White Picket Fencing

White Picket Fencing domestic project complete sprucing up the garden! (1)

One of our lovely customers recently sent us this picture of our White Picket Fencing installed, completing their domestic fencing  project, fencing off their garden in front of their house.  The White Picket Fencing looks fantastic, giving their garden a fresh country feel.   It looks especially good under the suns rays, and whilst we can find the suns heat sapping,  our PVC Permanent Picket Fencing  is UV stable keeping its cool even in the hottest conditions.    Rather than spending countless hours maintaining & replacing your garden fence, our PVC Fencing is maintenance free and long lasting allowing you to spend more time actually enjoying your garden!

Our customer was very happy with the end result saying “We are so pleased and would highly recommend it.”

White Picket Fencing

As well as Permanent Picket Fencing we also supply Flat Top Picket Fencing and Portable Picket Fencing  Please contact us for further details for any of our PVC Fencing products.