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Portable Picket Fencing and the lifting of Covid Restrictions

With Covid Restrictions being lifted and the Event & sports world opening up, Watt Plastics range of PVC Portable Picket Fencing is the ideal temporary fencing solution to complement safety measures in place to ensure the safe opening for participants and visitors to any event.

With Government Guidelines keeping event organisers busy Watt Plastics range of Portable Picket Fencing is easy to install, maintenance free and flexible, so one less thing to worry about.


Hook and Base Picket Fencing

Watt Plastics PVC Hook and Base Picket is proving a popular option since its release at the end of 2020.   With a metal base providing a strong and sturdy base on any flat surface, and a flexible hook system allowing sections to be connected at any angle, the hook and base picket is perfect for any indoor or outdoor events.

Supplied pre-built and easy to store, for further details take a look at our Hook and Base Web Page…. Hook and Base Picket

Temporary Picket Fencing


Portable Picket Fence 

Watt Plastics Portable Picket Fencing is another popular choice for temporary event fencing.  With PVC feet to provide a sturdy footing on any flat surface indoor and out, it is the go to product for any event.  Sections can be joined together using unique connectors and pins used to secure to grassed areas.

Supplied flat packed or pre built.  For further details take a look on our Portable Picket Web page…Portable Picket Fencing

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