Flexible Stud Rail 4

Horse Fencing for Paddocks From Watt Plastics

Good horse fencing is an essential part of any equestrian facility but as it is a major capital investment careful planning is needed before the construction of a new fence  or the renewal of an old fence.

There are a number of factors to consider when planning you fencing:

  • Number of horses using the paddocks
  • Different horse groups i.e. stallions, mares with foals etc as they each all have different fencing needs. A stallion may need a higher fence whereas a mare with foal will need to have a low bottom rail.
  • Will horses be in adjoining fields, if so you may want to consider double railing so horses can’t fight over the fence
  • Access for field equipment such as tractors etc especially if you use your field to make hay
  • Fence should be highly visible
  • No sharp edges
  • Fence needs to secure enough to contain  but should also have some give to minimise injury on impact
  • Consider maintenance costs, one type of fencing may initially be cheaper but work out more expensive in the long run. Look at the material of the fence, effects of certain weather exposure, maintenance costs.

Once these factors have been considered it is pretty useful to have a layout drawn to scale to show fence lines and proposed gates/ access.

Wooden fencing has previously been one of the popular choices for equine fencing but this can be expensive to install, requires regular maintenance and is susceptible to chewing. Over the years PVC fencing has become more popular and here at Watt Plastics we can offer a choice of PVC Post and Rail or Flexible Stud rail.


PVC Post and Rail

Our Post and Rail systems are the affordable and practical choice for horse paddocks, and are available in 2 or 3 rail 8ft sections. The rails are double ribbed for additional strength and pre notched for easy installation. We also stock a wide range of post and rail gates.

Benefits of PVC Post and Rail

  • It has five times the tensile strength of wood and four time the flexibility
  • The colour of the vinyl goes all the way through so it can’t be scratched or chipped off which means it will never need repainting
  • Tolerant to all weather conditions; will not fade in the sun, won’t become brittle in winter and designed to withstand normal wind loads
  • Vinyl fence will never crack, chip, peel or rot
  • Practically maintenance free, all is required is an annual wash to keep it looking like new.

Flexible Stud Rail

Flexible Stud Rail is designed specifically for horse and other large animal containment. Innovative continuous polymer and  high-tensile wire technology allows the fence to flex upon impact to reduce injury risk while keeping the animal contained due to its high break strength.

Benefits of Flexible Stud Rail

  • High strength with 3 steel wires inside, 108mm wide
  • Flexible surface to protect livestock
  • Quick and easy to install – installation costs are cheap
  • Can be installed as a single 2,3, or 4 rail fence
  • Larger post distances can be used , saving post costs
  • Can be used on timber, steel or PVC posts.
  • It has the classic appearance of traditional rail fencing without the rotting, warping, splintering, brittleness and paint-flaking associated with wood.

Peoples ‘choice of fencing is usually determined by price but the cheapest at the time may not be the cost effective in time so it is worth investing some time doing your homework on the various maintenance costs so you can have a safe, durable fence within your budget.