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Our Range of PVC Fencing can be seen in use at Ripon Racecourse!

Horse racing is officially the 2nd largest sport in Britain in terms of TV audiences, revenue and attendance. At present we are in challenging global economic times however horse racing is growing in popularity with attendances rising year on year. 

 One of the reasons for this is that racecourses have been proactive in trying to increase attendance numbers by appealing to a wider audience. They have achieved this staging various forms of entertainment alongside a typical days racing. E.g. introduction of themed race days, family fun days, corporate events and most recently music events/concerts following a day’s racing. 

The racecourses have a duty to cater for the safety of the members of the public along with the safety of the horses and their staff. Our PVC fencing has proved very popular with Racecourses as it can be used for as an easy solution to  their fencing requirements. 

Portable picket fencing can be used as a general barrier to enclose hospitality/corporate areas and also for temporary walkways, one  example of the use of our portable picket is at Ripon Racecourse who have used temporary fencing around their marquees, betting areas and champagne lawns. This enables race goers to be contained safety within their designated areas. The picket fence is easy to move, quick and easy to install, durable/maintenance free and sections can also be connected together allowing the versatility which venues need more and more as they look to widen their income streams. 

Whilst some customers require fencing to be temporary so it can be moved and reused, others require fencing to be permanent for which we can supply Permanent Picket Fencing. Again this can be seen in good use at Ripon where they have used this fencing along with picket gates to section off some of their hospitality rooms and owners areas. 

 We have a full range PVC fencing for all fencing requirements including portable and permanent picket, post and rail fencing and portable crowd barriers  and our PVC fencing can be seen in use on many racecourse including Beverley, Ripon, Musselburgh, Hamilton and Chelmsford. 

All of our products can be found on our website https://www.wattplastics.com/permanent-picket-fencing/   and  https://www.wattplastics.com/portable-picket-fencing-2/