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Post and Rail Fencing is Perfect for Equestrian and Sports Grounds Use

Our years of experience mean our Post and Rail systems are the most affordable and practical choice for horse paddocks, farmers, sports grounds, land developers and residential dwellings. Unlike other styles of fence that use a lot of materials. Post and rail are one of the most affordable and cost-effective.

Key Features:

  • Very Simple to install
  • Maintains fresh appearance year after year
  • Affordable & Cost Effective
  • Little to no maintenance costs
  • Does not absorb moisture, so no peeling or blistering


2 Rail Prices from £66.00 per 3ft x 8ft section (ex VAT)

3 Rail Prices from £78.00 per 4.5ft x 8ft section (ex VAT)

Post and rail fencing makes use of vertical fence posts and horizontal railings, providing a very rustic charm aesthetic to your property. This style of fence allows spectators to see onto the fenced area, whilst still providing the deterrent appeal, making it perfect for sports grounds and horse paddocks.

Our PVC fences are very simple to install, you can quickly erect this fence. We do offer installation of all our fences, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. If you would like the fencing supplied and installed get in contact.

This fence is available in 2 or 3 rail and comes in 8ft sections. The rails are double ribbed for additional strength and pre-notched for easy installation. We also stock a wide range of gates to match this fence, providing a more convenient and controlled entrance.

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Why Choose PVC Fencing?

Typically timber posts and railing are used, so why choose PVC instead? Well, unlike timber PVC doesn’t absorb moisture, meaning it will not blister or peel. PVC fences require very little to no maintenance at all, meaning you save money in the long run. Whereas wooden fences require painting every 1-3 years in order to look their best, PVC fences do not need to be repainted ever, looking better for longer.

As well as their longevity PVC also is much more durable than typical timber fence panels. During heavy weather situations, timber is susceptible to weather-related issues. PVC is also stronger than wood, meaning during heavy wind and storms you can rest assured.

Horse Paddock Fencing

Post and Rail is the classic style used for horse paddocks, thanks to its natural aesthetic and security. Our PVC fencing creates a solid barrier around your field, and unlike timber, it will not splinter, ensuring the safety of your horses.

To ensure your horses are safe and secure you need a fence that is durable and strong. Standard timber is known to suffer from weathering over time, which can be costly to repair and maintain. Our PVC solution can handle even the harshest of weather and is stronger than standard timber. With little maintenance needed you can install these fences and forget about them, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

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