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Portable Picket Fencing a Success at The Showman’s Show!

Watt Plastics’ Portable Picket Fencing, Portable Post and Rail, and a number of portable and permanent PVC Fencing Barriers proved to be a success at The 2019 Showman’s Show. Showcasing our range of PVC fencing products targeted a market we have had increasing success with for a number of years. with a wide variety of potential new customers. The Showman’s Show is aimed at outdoor event companies across sectors including Sports, outdoor Events & Shows.

As expected our portable picket fencing was the most popular product but we were pleased to discuss other PVC fencing solutions with potential customers, such as our Flat Top Picket, but also those who were looking for something different from our standard range. We are already working on a couple of new bespoke designs so help customers offer something with a little more ‘Wow Factor’, to set them aside in what is a competitive industry. We pride ourselves in being able to meet individual needs and our flexible approach means we can custom build & change our current range of plastic fencing.

The Flat Top Picket Fence was recently added to our range , follow the link for details  https://www.wattplastics.com/pvc-picket-fencing/