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Flexible Stud Rail

Our Flexible Stud Rail is a great alternative to wooden fencing…no more chewed rails, easy to install and practically maintenance free. It can be installed as a single, 2,3 or 4 rail fence. We have had a number of customers lately installing it as a 2 rail fence to enable the containment of their horses in one paddock whilst allowing sheep to use adjoining fields.

Flexible Rail Fence is designed specifically for horse and other large animal containment. Innovative continuous polymer and  high-tensile wire technology allows the fence to flex upon impact to reduce injury risk while keeping the animal contained due to its high break strength. This fence rail attaches at end post and slips freely through the line post brackets to allow rail flexibility. It has the classic appearance of traditional rail fencing without the rotting, warping, splintering, brittleness and paint-flaking associated with wood.