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Severe Cricket Ground Floods

Our thoughts go out to those Cricket and other sports clubs affected by the recent floods throughout the country.   We know the hard work and dedication that is put in by those people, mostly volunteers, involved in these clubs.    It is heartbreaking to see the devastation the flooding has had on grounds up and down the country.   We have witnessed this first hand in Yorkshire and through friends we have made on our travels when we visit grounds.   The cricket ground floods we have seen impact the whole community and must be soul destroying for those who work tirelessly ensuring the grounds facilities are available to all.

If your ground has been damaged by the floods and you need to replace your current wood or other fencing,  we can offer a discount to those affected to help with any maintenance and repair work.   Please see our range of PVC Cricket Fencing and sports Fencing here… https://www.wattplastics.com/

For any general advice regarding facility management in relation to the floods, please refer to the ECB support page below..