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Cricket Fencing – Is your club ready for next season!

 Are you ready for next season??

We have supplied a wide range of Cricket Clubs throughout the Country with our PVC Cricket Fencing, currently one of the most popular products is  permanent picket which have be used to fence small areas right up to fencing the whole boundary of a cricket pitch. Cricket clubs are finding it is a great investment as not only does it look very smart; they are getting a product that will last for many years if not a lifetime.

We understand funding can be very difficult for a large number of clubs and a lot of planning and committee meetings are necessary before funding can be given. With this in mind we have recently sent out a large number of Cricket Flyers to numerous Cricket Clubs in various leagues throughout the Country which will hopefully enable them to gather information, look at the different products and pricing options before the start of next season.

Due to funding some clubs have purchased and installed our Cricket Fence in a number of stages, this is something we can help plan with you to suit your budget so if you are thinking of upgrading your facilities and would like any further information on our products and prices please don’t hesitate to get in touch. https://www.wattplastics.com/permanent-picket-fencing/